MMOG X - Registration 2019

All communications about the event will be sent via email. A valid email address is required.
MIDS (5th-8th)

Please complete the form below for Each Middleschooler & Dad who are registering. If a FRIEND is attending or riding with your MID, they MUST BE REGISTERED by their Parent or Legal Guardian - there will be a section on their form to identify you as the one bringing them.

Additionally, have your health insurance information available - this will be required to complete registration.

We do NOT want any Middleschooler/Dad left out due to financial struggles.

We have special funds that have been donated to assist any needs!!

If you are in need of assistance, please contact even facilitator,  or 704-699-9653

Middle Schooler &/Or Teen
SIBLING #1 (If applicable)
SIBLING #2 (If applicable)
How Will Your Mid Be Attending?

Special Needs Notes:

Single Moms; We want your Mid too!! If you are in the Charlotte Church and need someone to chapperone your boy, contact Tim Kirk or Anthony Famularo.

                                Outside the Charlotte Church, please get another Dad that is attending to be your boys guardian!!

Dads Can Not Attend; We want your Mid to come!! Connect up with another Dad for the weekend, or contact one of the MS workers to be the guardian! Register you Mid

                                                   and then get them paired up!

Financial Assistance Available; We have special sponsored funds to assist of you need it! We do NOT want anyone to miss this event! If assistance is needed,

                                                                        please contact or Tim Kirk 704-699-9653.

Mids cannot be dropped off at the event, they must attend with their Dad or be assigned/grouped with another Dad or MS Worker attending the event.

Dad/Guardian/Other Dad Information
Waiver Information

Completing the below WAIVER information is REQUIRED for your Mid to attend.

I, as parent or legal guardian, do hereby give permission for my child(ren) named in this registration form to attend the Mighty Men of God event. I also do hereby grant the Charlotte Church Middle School Ministry & the MMOG Ministries volunteers present the right to authorize emergency medical treatment for my child in the event that I or my designated representative cannot be reached. I agree to hold harmless the Charlotte Church, its agents & the MMOG Ministries from liability arising out of accident situations. The North Carolina Good Samaritan Law will apply.

Provide your Health Insurance Information

The Charlotte Church assumes that your child is covered by your insurance.

Middle School Worker, Adult Volunteer or Returning Champion
Payment Information

Cost is $47 PER PERSON (inclds paypal service fees) 

 *ADD $5.00 for each XXL Shirt that is selected!

*Final Payment Due Date: March 30, 2019 

To Pay Online

You will be able to pay online by selecting "Pay by PayPal" at the bottom of this form.

To Pay By Check (No Cash Accepted)

Make your check out to:

Tim Kirk/ MMOG Ministries
Write "MMOG" on the Memo Line

Mail To:
4257 Deacon Ct SW; Concord NC 28025

List the First and Last Names of everyone you are paying
for on a piece of paper to be included with your check.


Payments must be paid by paypal or mailing a check.

*Final Payment Due Date: March 30, 2019

Your Dad/Mid will not be considered registered for the event until we receive payment.

Sub Total

Thank You for registering for MMOG X- Face Your Giants!

We have received your registration and look forward to having you attend this event!

As we get closer to the event, you will receive event updates and a final reminder just before the event by emails.

Remember, this event is open to your friends too!! We need as many warriors as possible to fight the evil forces facing us daily.


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