MMOG X- Face Your Giants! 

Is the 10th annual Middle School boys event for 5th - 8th graders hosted by the Charlotte Church Middle School Ministry.This is a day and half spiritual tent camping event based on Amtgard style battle gaming.  There will be battle game events, impactful bible lessons, 3 full meals provided and the famous campfire sharing time - this is a great time of open life sharing.  There will be some Father/Son free time worked in as well so Mids, Dads & Siblings can bond. After a early Sun morning coffee cafe around a warm bonfire, Father/Son quiet times, a full breakfast, worship, close out lesson and communion, then the ultimate Battle Tournament and close out with the awards ceremony. These awards are no joke!!!

This event is for the Dads as well - we encourage as many fathers to make it out with their sons as possible.  We understand that all Dads may not be able to attend, so the events and activities will be structured around that.  However, every Mid will have to be assigned to a Dad attending the event.  Dads will participate in some of the battle games and lessons with the Mids.  Dads, you will also have your own lessons and events - so come prepared to be impacted as well! This year at the Gibborim, with have a very special Guest MMOG coming in from the mountains of Asheville to speak to the Dads!!

We have also opened this up to the Mids Teen (9-12th) siblings and also now OPEN to 9th grade teens to come and help in being good examples & mentors for the younger ones!!

This is also open to ALL Churches & Youth groups, so please share this with ANYONE you know that might benefit from this!

Special Awards; Pre-Made Battle ready Weapons, Shields & Costumes!

We do NOT want any Middleschooler/Dad left out due to financial struggles. We have special funds that have been donated to assist needs!!

if you are in need of assistance, please contact event facilitator, Tim Kirk.    mmogministries1@gmail.com  or 704-699-9653